Music – “Enam Puluh Tiga” Process

Hi, Guys! It’s been a long time I don’t write in this blog anymore. Yeah, I’m kind of busy with study things, organizations, business, hobbies, and love. Love? Hmm, maybe for the first, I should introduce to you all that I’m falling in love again, with a very gorgeous woman. Her name is Yuanita Lestari Loviannisa. I don’t know what to say to describe her in words. She’s not as beautiful as Emma Stone, she’s not as smart as professor, but she has a very kind heart, which is I’m fallen to. I feel like I’m the luckiest guy in the world! Okay, enough for introducing her. Not because I don’t want to talk about her, but just let she stay gorgeous as the way she has.

In this post, actually I want to show you the progress of my new song. You know, music is one of my passions, so write and make a song is a part of it. The title of this song is “Enam Puluh Tiga”. Why? There’s a funny story behind it. Well, when my relationship steps to eight weeks, on the night, she sent me a message about the “eight weeks thing”. But she made a mistake. The first sentence on that message is “Enam Puluh Tiga”, which means 63 days we’ve already passed. But eight weeks must be 56 days, right?! I didn’t realized that too, and read the rest messages that are so sweet. I couldn’t hide my smile when I read it.  Then she realized it. Then I realized it too. Then we laughed together. But despite of the wrong “title”, the rest words are pretty. So, I don’t consider that wrong title and just read and go deep into the content of that message.

Days go by, when I was playing with my guitar, that messages crossed my mind and prod me to make it as a song. Time goes by, the song finished. I recorded it with my phone, and then I sent it back to her on the ninth weeks. Yes, on the right 63 days.

Now, I want to record it clearly with the software “Garage Band” on my laptop. So far, I’ve recorded the guitar track, but still upset with the noise of its sound. After that, I will take vocal. Haha this is the hardest part, singing. This song will be in acoustic. I want the simple song, only the guitar and the vocal, and maybe some smooth effects. I don’t use the drums, stormy effects or any. Do you want to know the lyric? Here, but I only give you the Reff this time.

Sederhana Memang
Dalam dua kita bahagia
Dalam jarak kita berdekap
Dalam cinta kita bersama
Dalam tiga, Aku, Kamu, Tuhan Maha Esa 

Soon, after all things finished, I will put it on my soundcloud account, so you can listen and download it if you want. Hope you all guys like it.

Cheerio :D



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