ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas | Coming Soon

ASEAN’s Biggest Business Idea Competition is BACK! Bigger and Better than ever!


About AIC | ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas

The 5th ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas (AIC) is ASEAN’s largest business idea competition. The massive growth in our applicant pool over the past years is a testament to our outreach throughout ASEAN. This coming year, we are excited at the prospect of hitting more than a thousand entries from the region. Our latest edition is open to business ideas from any field and the applicants will have to go through a rigorous screening process to clinch cash prizes worth SGD$26,000. This year, we are also experiencing tremendous growth in terms of collaborations, as we partner with our sister organization, Start-Up at Singapore.

The 5th AIC will comprise of three rounds of submission, an Idea canvas and executive summary followed by a 16 slide PowerPoint pitch deck and lastly a fully detailed business plan. These 3 rounds would provide a wonderful platform for turning your business idea into reality. Not only will you be participating in a world class business idea competition, but you would also be exposed to groundbreaking ideas from the cream of the crop among ASEAN youth. So sign up right away and be a source of inspiration for the society you live in.

About ASEANpreneurs

ASEANpreneurs is a youth run international organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in the ASEAN region. Budding youth entrepreneurs and leaders from the ASEAN countries use this platform to carry out exchange of business ideas and culture, check on the latest events and developments among ASEAN countries, seek mentorship and advice, make new friends, build professional networks, and search for potential business partners. Headquartered in Singapore, this network is maintained by both NUS Entrepreneurship Society and students from leading ASEAN universities.

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Posted by: Vili Sarnie, ASEANpreneurs Ambassador of Indonesia


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