I Challenge My Self to do a One-Year Daily Blogging


It has been a very very long day day since I wrote the last post in this blog. Well, this blog is getting dusty. There are lots of spider webs because it was never touched again, just like your heart because of being jomblo for too long. Haha. Crappy. Kidding.

Back in the beginning of this month, every morning, I always started my day before doing my work with opening Medium, a sharing platform for anyone who wants to write anything. Just like Instagram, or Twitter, when you can follow people or follow some hash tag or follow some categories you like, to see their post. You can directly go here at http://medium.com if you want to know how it looks like.

Reading post every morning there makes me get a lot of insight, of anything, from many perspective, from many writers. Right after I read the post, I always wonder what can I do to make this life matter to me. Well, I do have a job, indeed, a good one. But deep in my self, there is something that I want to create. There is something that I want to do regularly, based on my interest, and share it to others. There’s time when a thought came into my mind, whispering me to start a business again. Oh my, then I asked my self, do I have more time to do that? I thought it was too big to do right now. Then at the other day, a thought came to my mind, telling me to seriously and regularly involved again on Instagram, which I’ve done it few times ago. Ah, but I think I need to travel everyday to make a good post of photo. It is still too big to manage.

Then still, I don’t know what I have to do, but inside my self, he always screaming at me to do something. Do something! Start to do something now!

What I want to do is just a little thing that I can do regularly, without too many efforts, without too much pressure, without too many time consuming. I just want to release this desire of doing something. A feeling like this always goes to my mind every morning right after I read any post in Medium. Until one day, I found this article, by Jonas Ellison.

He challenged himself to write a daily post for one year, 365 consecutive days. Ah, my heart trembled. I want to challenge my self too! Writing for 365 consecutive days! Is it hard to do? Is it easy to do? Ah many of you will say that it would be very easy. Writing is writing. Easy! But look at this blog, where my last post was on November 2013. Haha, from that time until now, I feel like I don’t have something to write!

When you don’t really have something to write, so you need to improve your sense, become more sensitive, be detail, to everything that happened in a day.

Jonas said that yaa sometimes it’s getting easier, sometimes it’s getting harder, because do you really have something to write, every day? Like every day? It’s not writing a status on your Twitter or Path, it’s not like posting a photo on your Instagram. It is writing. Some stories, some thoughts, some experiences. But then he said, so yes, that’s the point. When you don’t really have something to write, so you need to improve your sense, become more sensitive, be detail, to everything that happened in a day.

From that time, I thought I knew what should I do. I found it. So, I committed to challenge my self, to write, anything, daily, for one year ahead. Locked! I don’t know whether it will be easy or difficult. But, just let’s do it!

Actually I already wrote 4 posts for 4 days in Medium. But then I remember this blog, why don’t I use this blog? It’s a good platform and it’s easier to utilize. So here I am, starting from zero again, writing my first post of one-year daily blogging. Still don’t know what to write for tomorrow, whether it will be a nice one or a crappy one. But yeah, wish me luck! :)


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