Writing is Knowing Yourself


I read my first novel when I was 12 years old, sixth grade at the elementary school that time. My first novel that I read was a teen novel and the title was “Single.” Novel that couple years later were turned into a movie. I used to know that read is only about read a storybook, comics, or textbook. I didn’t know that novel can play my imagination and I started to love it. After I finished read my first novel, I was interested to read another novels. I loved to play my imagination, visualized of what was happening in those novels. Making those novels alive in my mind.

Even the first novel that I read could also pushed me to write a novel too. A 12 years old teenager, who just read a novel for the first time, instantly wanted to write his own novel. I remember, that novel was about teen romance. Oh yes I already forget a lot of things from that first writing of mine. But that novel that I wrote was never going anywhere. It stayed on my laptop. Right after I finished my novel, and I started to read it, counted the pages, then I doubted. I thought it was too short to be a novel. At that time, my curiosity to write was always flew, but never happened. I kept reading another novels, like novels from JK Rowling and Sandra Brown.

Few years ago, I started to write a novel again. I already made the framework for this one. I believed that this novel would be much longer than the first ones; the pages were pretty much enough to be a novel. I started to write it, but I don’t know why, that writing was never done until now.

Till this time, I always have desire to write. I love words. For me, words are very wide. It can create many different imaginations for each person who read it even though it is the same words.

I love how words can embody someone’s imagination of those words. I love how people who read my words can liven up so many different imaginations in their mind.

I love words and I want to keep writing. But my weakness is a lack of consistency.

Until one day I found Medium. I read a lot of great post here. I see many people write not only for sharing but also to fulfill their desire. Until one day I was interested to start writing again, and I challenged myself to write anything every day, and post it here, for one year. And here I am now. And here you are, reading my second post.

Actually I love to write anything. Anything. A fiction, poems, experiences, wishes. Anything. Because with writing, I can precisely pour everything that is unspoken, that I can’t tell to any person.

Writing is a medium for me to communicate with my mind and my heart. Writing is a medium for me to reveal my real thought and my soul, without any fudge in it.


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