Self: Driver or Passenger?

city-traffic-people-smartphoneCouple days ago, I watched a video brought by a professor in management from a top tier university in this country. In that video, he told that since we were born to this world, we were imprisoned in a cell called Self. Along with it, God gave a mandate to us to live our life. But because this self was too small, our parents held the mandate. After we grew up, they gave the mandate back to us so that we can decide where this self would go through this life. “This is my life.”

On the inside of this self, actually, there’s a driver. The driver that will take this self to go anywhere. The problem is, do we realize that we can be a driver for our self? For some of people, of course it will be very comfort if they become a passenger, not the driver. And for the first time, we become a passenger in our family. We were raised, enrolled in a good school, given with the best facility, told which ones are good and which are not, and the other thing.

Unconsciously the environment also takes a role in building a self, whether it will be a driver or a passenger. A person who is already in comfort become a passenger will enjoy anything because anything is in there for him. Given. Less think. He doesn’t know that thinking is not that easy. Thinking is tiring, and sometimes will makes you collide with other people.

Think makes you understand, and also make you see a bigger world.

You will go, face so many uncomfortable situations, and then you’re lost. You explore the new world and then come back again, and will make some people look at you as a weird person. Why weird? Because this time you become different with them, different with them which are passengers. Think, makes you a driver.

An example, when you become a passenger in a taxi. You sit calmly, pay for some money, you can sleep if you want, and what you need to know is you will arrive in your destination, no matter what way to choose. It’s different with the driver. He needs to think how much money will he get today, he needs to make sure that you’ll be safe, he needs to serve you well, he needs to find the alternative way when there’s an obstacle, he needs to face another unexpected things that may happens.

So that’s why we distinguish two type of self here. Driver and passenger. Passenger is a person who always seeks for security, no need to think, and very comfortable with his life. But if the passenger doesn’t have the vehicle, then he will be pinched and not goes anywhere.


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