The Power of Pressure


It is a 36 minutes writing challenge. Why it has to be 36 minutes? Because now I’m writing at 11:24 p.m and still wondering about what to write. I’m in a challenge to regularly write a daily post everyday for one year, 365 consecutive days. And this is the hardest part of writing a daily post, when you have nothing to write. When you don’t know what to write.

Well, i was thinking since I woke up this morning about what should I write today. The more I think, the less i get the idea. The more I think, the more i get confused of what I have to write. Until now, when there are 36 minutes left to end the day, I push myself to write anything. The power of pressure. Yeaah, it’s not that bad. I can finish 2 paragraph in six minutes hahaha.

About the power of pressure, I think it has a positive side. I don’t encourage you to be a deadline, no. But sometimes, a little bit pressure can help our work. I don’t know why, sometimes when I have a lot of time to finish it, the idea doesn’t come easily. I keep searching, I keep thinking, but the idea doesn’t want to come up. Until the deadline is in front of me. Then I push myself to do it, no matter how I do it, no matter how the result is. Then suddenly the ideas blow my mind. And it flows, become bigger and wider.

Don’t think that be a deadliner is bad. It’s not that bad. It will makes you activate all of your sense in a fast way and elaborate it. It is the power of pressure.


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