I Thought They Were Happy


Seven months ago, I was a fresh graduated from a business school. I finished my school for longer time then my friends did. I took almost six years to finished my bachelor degree while my friends finished it around four and not more that five years. Then they joined various company in various industry. Public accountant, bank, consulting group, FMCG, etc. They got a very good salary there. It was big. Big, for a fresh graduated.

Until around eight months ago, there was a company opened recruitment for many position. I know this company very well. It’s a well known company in its industry. They applied the vacancy! And finally they were accepted and moved to this company, including me. Yes, this is my first place to work. This is my first job. The salary is good, but still below their former companies could offer.

I was curious about the motive and the reason why they left their company, even those companies are the workplace that everyone wants to work at. Name it, Unilever, Ernst & Young, Banpu Public Companies, Jardine Matheson, etc. Then I asked them why. And they began to explain. It was not always about the money, they said. “I can get much money, but the living cost here is too high.” The other said “I don’t have much time for myself.” The other again said “The management is not good.”

I like to work in this company. I can go home at 4 p.m. Then I can do whatever I want. I have a lot of time to build a good social life. I can do sport right after back from the office. And i realize, those are the motives and reasons why my friends leave their former companies. There’s some thing that money can’t buy, such as time, social life, desire, and health. They don’t really care with the money, as long as it’s enough for them to do whatever was needed.


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